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Starting with their very first impressions, all the way down to their last tasty bites, Gourmet At Work provides everyone in your business with the quality, variety, and service you expect and deserve.

From day-to-day cafe management to customized, multi-national menus satisfying the pickiest of palettes, all the way up to hosting large corporate events with thousands of attendees, Gourmet At Work provides consistent fine quality across all of your foodservice needs. With over 25 years in corporate foodservice, and with the support of our parent company, Gourmet Caterers, and their 45+ years in catering, you can trust that we have your business covered from soup to nuts.

What Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to quality shines through in everything we do

Our gourmet chefs are skilled in a wide range of cooking styles, allowing Gourmet At Work to create custom menus tailored to your employees, without sacrificing quality and taste for variety. Their love for the art of cooking shines through in every delicious bite.

With our emphasis on sourcing the finest ingredients, Gourmet At Work understands that every craftsman is only as good as their foundation. These ingredients allow our chefs to consistently create a variety of flavorful meals, with something for everyone to enjoy.

About Our Employees

Employee Commitment

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of consistent, high-quality service from your foodservice provider. Even the finest gourmet meals can be ruined by bad service. That’s why our employees become an extension of your internal team, making our employees feel like your own. By focusing on customer service, employee recognition, camaraderie, pride, and understanding, Gourmet At Work is able to provide a dedicated, long-term staff fully capable of growing alongside your business.

Employee Spotlight

Luciano Soares

Gourmet at Work Employee

Luciano is always smiling and positive as one of the most recognized employees at our MathWorks account, with customers often yammering about the great dishes on his salad bars. He is passionate about his food, a valuable and effective team leader, and well-respected by all of his co-workers. An emigrant from Brazil in 2001, Luciano is a passionate Patriots fan and family man who enjoys showing off his culinary expertise to his wife and three daughters.

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